Semi Independent Living

Ages 17+

In this program it is mandatory for the youth to participate in a progressive day program. This program may be full time school or work or a combination of both. The program plan/goal will be selected in consideration of the youth’s wants, needs and capabilities. Required support will be based on the individual needs and we can provide Life Skills learning to fit the client’s schedules after their education program or their work hours.

This program is for youth that are almost ready for the responsibilities that come with independence and adulthood and only require minimal supervision/life skills of usually no more than 3-4 hours daily (extra staffing hours can be negotiated as needed) with the focus remaining on guidance and training in the areas of personal wellness, nutrition, finance, interpersonal skills, goal planning, time management, home maintenance, making healthy choices, problem solving and self-awareness.

The home is in a duplex with the other side being our Supported Independent Living program. It is a main floor home with 3 bedrooms but we would like to see only 2 clients residing as room mates. The home is fully furnished and is complete with TV, and Computer. As our Supported Program is next door, we will be able to ensure regular night time checks for safety purposes over and above the required supervision/life skills hours.

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