CARF's Accreditation

  • The leadership and management team members demonstrate a high level of competency, pride, and enthusiasm regarding their work and function well as a cohesive, effective team.
  • Personnel remain motivated to help children and youth succeed in every aspect of their daily lives.
  • The group home program team is led by a dynamic group of individuals and experienced support staff members who ensure that the unique and challenging needs of each child and youth are addressed.
  • Staff members are spirited, motivated and person centred. They embrace the teamwork process, have developed a good communication network, and have the needs of the children and youth at the forefront.
  • The organization's group homes are warm and attractive. They are located in residential areas and are close to local schools and other health, social, and recreational programs and activities.
  • The children and youth interviewed report feeling well supported and safe. It was also shared that they felt cared for; that staff members have a genuine interest in their happiness.
  • External stakeholders spoke very highly of the organization, sharing success stories of children and youth who had extremely high needs and challenging behaviour.

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